Why Match Mounting and Balancing Matters

Apr 12, 2024

Your trailer’s safety, ride quality, and longevity depend in large part on the quality of its tire and wheel assembly. The assembly process is often overlooked in the trailer industry, but Taskmaster Components wants to change that with its Match Mounting and Precision Balancing program.

In an ideal world, tires and wheels would be perfectly round with material evenly distributed, but due to complex construction methods and raw material variance, tires and wheels will always have slight imperfections. Out-of-roundness and uneven material distribution create vibration (due to radial force), which results in a rough ride, uneven wear which impacts handling, and can even lead to premature tire failure.

The Solution to Vibration

Match mounting is the process of counteracting the out-of-roundness or uneven distribution of material during the tire and wheel mounting process. Taskmaster Component’s Match Mounting and Precision Balancing Machine locates the predetermined high and low points of the tire and wheel and accurately match mounts them and then measures and marks the remaining points of imbalance for balancing weight application. Watch it in action here.

Optimally matched and balanced tires make sure your trailers are consistent in performance and offer the smoothest ride possible by:

  • Matching the high and low points of the tire and wheel
    • This match reduces radial force resulting in less wear and tear on tires, hubs, and axles
  • Inflating the assembly with dried air to precise PSI
    • It means the assembly is ready to bolt on and go for the OEM, eliminating the potential for human error
  • Balancing:
    • Rotating the assembly at high speeds pinpoints the application of balancing weights, which reduces vibration

Don’t settle for the old assembly process. Ask for a tire and wheel assembly that has been match mounted and balanced for optimal performance. Choose Taskmaster Components and enjoy a consistent, smooth ride that’s easy on the driver and the trailer.


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