Testing Procedure

Jun 14, 2024

Each tire sold in the US is required to undergo Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 119 (FMVSS119) testing. This standard test establishes safe operational performance levels and marking requirements for tires for use on trucks, buses, and trailers by testing tire strength, endurance, and performance at high speeds. Tires that pass this test are allowed to be sold to the public.

Taskmaster Components values testing beyond the standard requirements. All Taskmaster Componentsʼ tires are DTAP Bake tested exceeding the required 35.5-hour mark and on to the point of failure. The testing process is as follows:

    1. The tire is FMVSS119 tested
    2. The tire is then DTAP tested where it is:
      a. placed in an oxygen-rich environment b. bake-aged for a minimum of 35.5 hours
    3. The tire is then FMVSS119 tested for 47 hours and on to the point of failure

    Taskmaster Components tests to the point of failure to give a clear picture of the life expectancy of each tire it provides. The information gathered from these tests allows Taskmaster Components to constantly improve its entire product lineup.


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