When to Replace your Trailer Tires

Trailer tires are the lone connection point between your trailer and the road. Proper maintenance and regular inspection are crucial to ensure safe towing. Trailer tires need to be replaced more frequently than automotive tires, and it’s important to know when to get new tires.

Excessive Treadwear

Tread depth is vital to trailer tire performance. The deeper the tread depth, the better traction the tire will have on the road. An overly shallow tread depth eDects traction and braking distance. Experts recommend replacing your tires when they reach 1/16th inch in depth. Not sure when to replace your tires? It’s always good to visit your local trailer dealer or tire shop to let a professional inspect your tires and help you stay safe on the road!

Irregular Treadwear

Irregular treadwear plagues the trailer industry and often leads to premature tire failure. A multitude of factors cause irregular treadwear including, overloading, improper inflation, trailer misalignment, unbalanced tire and wheel assembly, and trailer component malfunction. It’s important to inspect your tires before every trip to ensure that your tires are in tip top shape.

Cracks on the Tread and Sidewall

Sidewall and tread cracking are be caused by tires aging as well as sun damage due to consistent ultraviolet light exposure. Cracks can lead to blowouts on the road which endanger both the driver and those nearby. It is good practice to cover your tires from direct sunlight exposure when storing your trailer. Monitoring the condition of your tires before any trip is a crucial step in the pre-trip inspection process.


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